catering Menu

*Delivery available for orders over $100, a $20.00 delivery fee will be applied

Catering Platter's (feed's 16-20)

Veggie Platter $42.00
a variety of fresh vegetables and house made bifana boys ranch dip

Fruit Platter $44.00
a variety of fresh cut fruit and house made berry whip dip

Petisco Platter $65.00
an array of marinated vegetables, cheeses, olives, and cured meats

Cheese and crackers $58.00
a mixture of local cheese's with crackers and grapes

Dessert $36.00
a variety of house made tarts and chocolate covered strawberries

Sandwich platter's (minimum 10 person order)

*With build your own we supply you with all the ingredients to build your own delicious sandwich

Bifana sandwich $9.00 per person
Build your own (Marinated grilled pork( 2 slices per sandwich), caramelized onions, house mild aioli, yellow mustard, Portuguese buns)

Piri Piri Chicken sandwich $11.00 per person
Build your own (Grilled Piri Piri chicken( 1 piece per sandwich) , cheddar cheese slices, pickled red onion, garlic aioli, Portuguese buns)

Prego Sandwich $10.50 per person
Build your own (Marinated grilled Black Angus beef(2 slices per sandwich), caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, chimichurri aioli, Portuguese buns)

Grilled Chourico Sandwich $9.50 per person
Build your own ( grilled Chourico (1 sausage per sandwich), roasted red peppers, pickled daikon radish, black olive aioli, Portuguese buns)

Meatless Bifana $ 10.50 per person
Build your own (Marinated grilled Portobello mushroom (2 per sandwich), roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, house made shoestring frites, house mild vegan aioli, Portuguese buns)

Churrasco Grill

Churrasco chicken $ 16.00
cut into 8 pieces, choice of lemon garlic, mild or piri piri

Full Rack of Ribs $25.00
cut into 2 bone pieces, choice of Mild, Piri Piri or MozambiqueGrilled Octopus $34.00 - cut into pieces served with our green garlic sauce

Grilled Squid $32.00
16 per order, served with green garlic sauce

Grilled pork fillets $24
12 fillets per order

Grilled Chourico $12.00
2 links of authentic Portuguese Chourico

Grilled Sardines $24.00
10 per order, served with lemon and our garlic green sauce

Sides dish trays (Serve's 10)

Roasted Potato $28.00

Tomato & Cucumber mixed green salad $26.00

Vegetable Rice $18.00

Tomato Rice $18.00

Sweet vinaigrette coleslaw $24.00

Bifana Boys Potato Salad $26.00

Sauté's , Fry's and Bakes

Piri Piri garlic Shrimp $26.00 /per lb
sautéed shrimp in olive oil with garlic, beer and piri piri,
served with sliced Portuguese buns

Bacalhau a Gomes de sa ( Cod & potatoes casserole serves 9) $48.00
Casserole of potato, salt cod and onions topped with sliced hardboiled egg, parsley and olives

Cod and Potato fritters (24 per order) $32.00
salt cod and potatoes rolled into balls, breaded and fried, served with cilantro, lemon & garlic aioli

Bachalau a braz ( cod, shoestring potatoes, onions and eggs ) $48.00
shoestring potatoes mixed with salt cod and caramelized onions served with olives

Roasted Cinnamon and brown sugar Pineapple ( serves 8) $18.00
Pineapple dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar and grilled.

Full Served Dinners

Roast Beef Dinner $19.00 per person
(Roast beef in a Port and mushroom gravy,Mashed or Roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables)

Roasted Pork Loin Dinner $17.75 per person 
(Roasted pork loin in a Dijon and apple gravy, scallop potatoes or sweet potato mash , apple sauce and seasonal vegetables

Roasted Turkey Dinner $19.00 per person 
(Roasted Turkey breast with a sage and white wine gravy with stuffing, seasonal vegetables and green pea mashed potatoes)

Chicken Dinner $15.00 per person 
(Rotisserie 1/2 chicken with our house Mild, Mozambique or Piri piri sauce, roasted potatoes and rice)

Add On's

Portuguese bun $1.00 per person

Portuguese custard Tart $1.30 each

Add paper plates, napkins and cutlery for $0.75 per person

Thank you for Choosing Bifana Boys, your business is appreciated.
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